Raliegh Networking Social Benefits Team Dykeman

October 25, 2011

The Morning Show Chapter of BNI is hosting a networking social.  Don Stacey, owner of DS Parada Color Solon and member of the Morning Show, has graciously offered to host our event.  The event will be held on Thursday, October 27th from 6-8 pm at DS Parada.  Our plan is to ask for $10/pp at the door to cover drinks and appetizers.  Any profits will be going to support Team Dykeman–a foundation to honor and support our marine corps family (see below).    The Morning Show wishes to invite other local BNI chapters so that we will have an opportunity to meet and network with other BNI members in our area.   Please feel free to bring visitors as well!

TEAM DYKEMAN is an organization dedicated to not forgetting a Fallen Marine.  Captain Philip Dykeman, USMC, was killed in action June 28, 2008.  He has 3 children, son 12 years old, and twin girls age 9, and his wife Ginger.  We are dedicated to these kids, and that we are grateful for their Father’s ultimate sacrifice for our Freedoms!  TEAM DYKEMAN has 19 people from all over the country running in  The Marine Corp marathon is October 30th 2011, in Washington DC.  Half of the Team is from Raleigh .  Our goal is to raise money for a scholarship in Captain Philip Dykeman name! 

Please reach out to Andrew Bateman, Director of Team Dykeman. andrew.bateman@palnc.com


Salute to all Veterans

November 16, 2010

Last week was Veterans Day; all of us at Team Dykeman want to stand and salute all who served so we might live and enjoy the freedoms of this great country.   Every who knew Phil knew he loved his job, he loved serving country.  Here’s a short tribute to all who serve and served!

One down one to go!

October 11, 2010

On Sunday Andrew participated in the first of two marathons he has scheduled.  Yesterday he ran the Century Marathon in Fulton, NY.  Twenty-seven days from today he will lace up his running shoes for the City of Oaks Marathon in his home town of Raleigh, NC.  Sunday, Andrew turned in his personal best time of  4 hrs and 41 minutes.  Outstanding!     Andrew was joined by his brother Stephen who ran the Half Marathon.

The Century Marathon course goes right by… Read the rest of this entry »

Team Dykeman needs your help!

October 6, 2010

Who was Captain Philip Dykeman?

He was my cousin. Our Mother’s were twins. We grew up together. I introduced him to his wife; I am the God father to his daughter Ashlee.

Phil has 3 children; Austin who is 11 is the same age as my Morgan. Twin girls Emilee and Ashlee, age 8 same age as my Alyssa. He was more than just my Cousin.

He was my best friend.

He enlisted in the Marine Corp at the age of 20 Read the rest of this entry »

June 4th – Join Us and Welcome Home Heroes from Afghanistan

June 3, 2010

Heroes Homecoming

June 4, 2010

Please come out and stand along the travel route to show your support for a convoy of Military Personell returning home to Central New York from Afghanistan!

We will be meeting at the Northbound Welcome Center on Rt 81 at 3 pm.

Fly your flags, wield posters, wave your hands, and salute the troops as they pass.

Let them know we appreciate every sactrice they’ve made for us.

Any questions feel free to e-mail us kathrynshoults@aol.com or asrs0812@windstream.net


A BB Gun for Christmas…by Art Dykeman

January 16, 2009

I left for boot camp on 26 DEC 1984.   The first Christmas I was home for was in 1986.  I came home for about 3 or 4 weeks.  I can’t remember all of the presents but PJ wanted a BB gun.  Those of you who knew our mother know she didn’t care for weapons.  I couldn’t have a BB gun growing up.  Mom and I had long discussions about it.  I actually tried to push for a .22 Rifle but it didn’t go anywhere.  So after all the discussions and promises to teach him how to use it safely I was allowed to get him one. Read the rest of this entry »

Thoughts on two young men

October 29, 2008


I want to share with you my thoughts on two young men that I’ve known and loved their entire lives.
The first, my godson & first cousin, Philip lost both parents at an early age.  He struggled with that, but chose  to get a degree and enlist in the United States Marine Corps.  His career was extremely successful, frequent deployments allowed him to visit many countries.  As a commanding officer with the rank of Captain, Philip was stationed in a small community in Iraq where he was much respected.  In June a suicide bomber ended his life and that of two other marines and several locals.  Phil left behind his lovely wife, Ginger, Austin (9) and adorable twins, Ashlee and Emilee (6).
The second is my youngest brother, Andrew.  He and Phil, always close, were both alter boys at my wedding.  The loss of his good friend has inspired him to action.  He has been training for months to run a 26k marathon this weekend. (I don’t remember him running for anything except dessert!)  He and another brother, Peter have developed a web site:
I would appreciate you visiting the web site.  Andrew and TeamDykeman plan to raise $15,000 to establish a scholarship in Phil’s name.  If everyone sent just a few dollars the goal would be met.  Phil’s children,  Austin and the twins are now in the same school district their father was and will graduate from the high school he did in Central Square.  The family was deeply moved by the people of Oneida County on the day of Phil’s funeral.  The 23 mile trip from funeral home to church and then cemetery was lined with wonderful people of all ages, some in uniform, waving or holding flags in honor of a young man many didn’t know anything about except that he had been raised in the area.  There were literally hundreds of people, many had waited hours for the procession to pass them.
With pride, love and respect for these two young men….
Have a safe Halloween weekend,

Mary Bateman-Ferry
p.s. for those of you not living in NYS, YES, there is some snow on the ground this a.m.!

A note from Art Dykeman….

October 28, 2008

I am Phil’s older brother Art and I wanted to say thank you in advance for your support in this endeavor.

I have a tendency to ramble… so you may want to get a beverage before proceeding.

First off I want to thank everyone who has put this together for my brother, if you have not or are not mentioned but should be blame cousin Andrew…
Just kidding.

Ya see Andrew has been working on this for a while and is very passionate about the project, it’s progress and it’s prospects.  He calls pretty regularly to let me know how and what things are going on.  A typical conversation with him on this topic sorta sounds like this:

 RunnningthemarathonforPhilgotPeterhelpingthewebsiteCindyCrouse..IN HALE..
 hasbeenagreathelpohandsheremembersyouwerethebeststudentwiththebestgrades ..
 IN HALE.. goinggranttheschoolarshipsent450emailsout.. IN HALE..
 MikeisrunningtheUSMCMarathonwithmenextyear.. IN HALE..

Well you get the idea.  He is very excited as we all are.

It has been almost 4 months since Phil past.  I can’t say that they have all been easy.  I will tell you though that I am still more proud than sad.  Not only of Phil but of the community that helped pay homage to him during the funeral. The images in my head are clear and detailed as if I am standing there right now.  What the people of this community did for my brother was humbling and they should be EXTREMELY proud of what they have done and continue to do every day.  For those that were not there you can find photos on the web I will tell you it was the most impressive display I have ever seen.

The events around my Brother’s funeral moved me to take a good look at what I have done for the place I grew up in.  I felt and still feel very guilty that I had/have not given back to the community that gave my family and I so much, at least not to the degree I feel I should have.

TeamDykeman, his Blog, the Scholarship drive, the dedications are a beginning and I am glad that my cousins have taken the ball and run with it.
I don’t believe we are done here though.  I don’t know how or what I will do to follow suite but I still owe.

In the coming weeks I plan on writing some stories about Phil, and encourage anyone who wants to share their stories as well for a few of reasons:
1.      So his kids will know their father like I(we) did
2.      For those that follow him through this scholarship
3.      For us to remember and never forget

Tribute to Central New York

October 26, 2008

I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, I will probably live here the rest of my life.  But when anyone asks where I am from, I reply proudly that I am from Central New York.  My Father Graduated from Syracuse in 1949.  Canʼt wait for Basketball season.  We travel home every year to our family’s camp on Chase Lake in the Adirondacks.  I have family all over Central New York.  People from this area are some of the best people in the world.  I have always known it, but the respect shown by the patriotic people of this area the day of Captain Philʼs funeral, was awesome.  

Below please read the letter of thanks sent by Master Chief Petty Officer Arthur Dykeman, US Navy,  Captain Philʼs older brother, to the Post Standard.  We chose the Paul V. Moore High School scholarship fund as a tribute to Captain Phil and the people of Central New York.   It is our hope that not only will Phil’s children benefit from this scholarship but also others from this great area.   Read the rest of this entry »

Dear Family and Friends,

October 17, 2008
Phil at work in Anbar

Phil at work in Anbar

As many of you know, my friend and cousin, Captain Philip J. Dykeman USMC was killed in Iraq June 26, 2008. 


Phil died at the young age of 38 leaving behind his wife of almost 10 years, 3 children – Austin, 9; Emilee, 6 and Ashlee, 6 – and an extended family stretching across the country that miss him dearly with every passing day.  ‘Captain Phil’, as his troops called him, served as a Marine for 17 years.  His service took him to over 20 countries across the world. Captain Philip Dykeman gave his life for our Country and now it is time to give back.


I would like to officially announce that I am running the “City of Oaks” Marathon in Raleigh, North Carolina, Sunday November 2, 2008 in honor of Capt. Philip Dykeman’s life and service to the United States of America .  My training consists of both short and long runs throughout the week (my longest run was 20 miles last Sunday).  Every time my feet hit the ground, I think of Phil and I am able to run just a little bit faster and just a little bit farther. He is my inspiration.


My tremendous love and respect for my cousin has moved me to action – to help support his family and carry on his name.  I have established a scholarship – The Captain Philip J. Dykeman Memorial Scholarshipthrough Paul V. Moore High School – Phil’s alma mater in Central Square, NY.   Phil’s three children will follow in his footsteps there and will benefit from this fund upon their graduation.  In addition to Phil’s children, each year, a recipient will be chosen from the high school to benefit from the scholarship.  My goal is to ensure that Captain Philip J. Dykeman’s name carries on forever.

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