2019 Marine Core Marathon

October 24, 2019

Good Morning Team Dykeman!

I hope you and your Families are doing well and having a great start to the fall.  In 100 hours the Marine Corps Marathon and MC 10K will start.  OCTOBER 27th 2019   https://www.marinemarathon.com/ This is the 11th year the Team Dykeman is running.  We have 3 runners for the Marathon and 3 runners for the 10k!  Team Dykeman is and forever will never forget.  We will continue to honor Captain Philip J Dykeman and his ultimate sacrifice in Iraq.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him.

Last year at the 10th anniversary, a legend was born!  We had a young person, age 18,  step up, without any training, run the full Marathon.  The longest he had run was 2 miles.  He consistently went to the gym, but was not a runner.  For the rest of his life, he is a Marathoner(no one can ever take that away from him)  I could not be prouder of Ben Handly!   He is now and forever will be The Man, The Myth, the Legend!  We all have great stories and memories of running and coming together, but this is clearly one of the best!

This year we have Brian Lesh, Bryan Staffey, and Rachel running the marathon again.  Julie and Alyssa and I are running the 10K.  We will be enjoying all of Washington DC.

Please consider donating to Team Dykeman this year.  If you have in the past Thank you!  If you want to again, Please.  If you haven’t made a donation, please reach out to me.  It is very easy.  Every dollar goes to the Scholarship in Captain Philip Dykeman’s honor.  The Golf Tournament this last summer was a success, and we look forward to announcing the dates for 2020!  We will make golf Great Again!

Each year we give a scholarship out to graduating seniors and to students joining the Military.  We are proud to do this, and promise to continue.

Thank you for all of your support for Team Dykeman!  Please give your thoughts and prayers to all of the runners traveling and running this weekend.  Godspeed, and may the wind always be at your back!

Always Faithful,

Cousin Andrew.

Please check out Team Dykeman on Facebook.  And also support Run N Tri Outfitters (in Wake Forest NC) Last year they donated all of the Team Dykeman t-shirts!  Thank you to Bryan Staffey for your support and your Service!

2018 Marine Core Marathon

October 30, 2018

Good Morning.  Hope you are having a great start to your day.  Team Dykeman is a Non-Profit organization that’s sole purpose is not to forget.   Never forget the sacrifice Captain Philip Dykeman USMC KIA Iraq gave along with his family.  Captain Dykeman was killed in action in Iraq in 2008.  This is the 10th Memorial Anniversary.  We raise money for a scholarship in his name.

Last year his son Austin graduated High School with Honors and received the Scholarship last year.  One of the proudest moments of my life.  Team Dykeman also gave away multiple $500 awards to graduating students entering the Military.  Many used the money so their families could travel for their graduation from Basic Training!

On October 28th Team Dykeman will be running the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC.  We will have 14 runners this year!  These runners are traveling at their own expense, have trained for the last 5 months, just to honor Captain Dykeman and his family.

Please help support Team Dykeman.  You can give you check to Andrew Bateman or any of the runners.  If you would like to mail your check made out to Paul V. Moore HS Endowment Fund, Please send to:

Central Square School District
Attn: Mrs. Lisa Fox
642 South Main Street
Central Square NY  13036

Make sure in the memo please note “Team Dykeman” on the check


This will be my 13th  marathon in 10 years.  I went from the couch to marathon in under 3 months for the first one.  I didn’t stop running for 10 years.  Captain Dykeman was way more than my cousin.  His Mom and my Mom were twins, we grew up very close.  Stayed in constant contact throughout our lives.  I introduced him to his wife and am the Godfather to one of the twins!  He was truly a very special person.  This will be my last Marathon.  I will be running the Marine Corps 10K next year.  I challenge the younger generation to start running with Team Dykeman.  Start with the 10K and work up to the Marathon!  We will be there every year!

Team Dykeman has amazing supporters.  I can’t thank you enough.   Without your support it wouldn’t have worked out.  We have given out Scholarships every year because of your support.  The runners will do their part and run in the honor of Captain Dykeman.  Please continue to support Team Dykeman!

The runners are a special breed!  Marathons are usually a bucket list item and its scratched off never to be done again.  This is a group of world class athletes that run with me every year because they believe in what we are doing.  It is greater than us!  I never could have run without you!  Thank you for being my teammates on this adventure.

We are going to CHARGE The DISTRICT, BEAT the BRIDGE and TAKE the IWO!  Are you ready!  I know I am .

I am not a Marine , but we have two Marines, But we all run for one!


Always Faithful

Cousin Andrew!

Team Dykeman

June 20, 2018

Team Dykeman is a Volunteer organization whose goal is it remember Captain Philip Dykeman USMC KIA.   Captain Dykeman was killed June 26 2008 in Iraq.  We raise money for an annual Scholarship.  We have two events each year.  The Team Dykeman Golf Tournament and The Team Dykeman Runners.  The Golf Tournament is July 14th 2018.  The Marine Corps Marathon is October 28th2018.  We need golfers and runners.  Please let us know if you are interested in playing, running, or donating!

This June 26th 2018 marks the 10 year Anniversary.  Please remember Captain Dykeman’s family.

We want to thank you for your support!  Over the past several years, we have been able to present scholarships to high school seniors who have demonstrated a zest for life similar to Captain Phil.  The scholarship fund also recognizes young men and woman that are joining the Armed Forces.  We provide a scholarship for them also.  It is used to help their families travel to graduation from Basic Training!   We need to keep this drive alive!

We are not Marines but we run for one!

Semper Fidelis,

Cousin Andrew Bateman


Marine Corps Marathon 2016 – The tribute continues!

October 22, 2016

It’s that time of the year again.  We are running the Marine Corps Marathon on October 30th 2016.   We are not Marines, but we run for one!   We miss Captain Phil and run to pay tribute to his love for his family and service to our country.

This is a special year!  Captain Phil’s son, Austin, is a high school senior and will be graduating from the the same high school at his father.  It will be our honor to award Austin with one of this year’s Team Dykeman scholarships!

As we prepare for next week’s marathon, we want to thank you for you support!  Over the past several years, we have been able to present scholarships to high school seniors who have demonstrated a zest for life similar to Captain Phil.  We need to keep this drive alive!

We are not Marines but we run for one!

Semper Fidelis,



4,000 miles in memory of Captain Phil!

October 22, 2015

Good Morning on this brisk October morning.  We are 4 days from the Marine Corps Marathon.  We are going to run 26.2 miles in the honor and memory of Captain Philip J. Dykeman, USMC KIA.  I am very excited and have the pre-race jitters already.  The ones that have run in the past know what I am talking about.  This mission to run only has one outcome.  We are going to complete this mission.  I am grateful to have the continued ability to run in honor of my Cousin that I miss so much.  This is not something that I would have been able to do without a greater purpose.  Just think, this is my 10th Marathon.  That is 262 miles right there, but it is the Journey that has gotten us to this point.  Each Marathon has been 4 months of training( between 300 and 400 miles each).  I have run 4,000 miles in the memory of my Cousin Phil, Austin, Emilee, Ashlee and Ginger.  I am not sure how far Forest Gump ran, I think it was longer.  But when you run, it may be praying, it may just be thinking, but each morning I said “ Good Morning Cousin Phil”  EVERYTIME!  I also said hello to a few others also!  Unfortunately I have added Cousin Ann and Colonel Dan McGrath to my morning ritual.

Team Dykeman’s goal is to never forget.  Team Dykeman does this by giving scholarship’s in Captain Dykeman’s name.  We cannot forget this Marine that GAVE ALL!  He has a Family that needs to know that we have not forgotten.  Many of you have given in the past, some have even run the Marathon with me.  Please consider donating this year.  I promise to finish my 10th Marathon.  The decision to do 11 has not been made yet.  Please show your support and donate to the Team Dykeman Scholarship this year.  Let me know if you have any questions on how to Donate!

This Sunday is National Wear your Team Dykeman T-Shirt Day!  Please take a picture and send it to me! Or post it on Facebook and Tag me!  Any and All support gives us strength to continue our mission.

We are not Marines, but we run for one!

Always Faithful,

Cousin Andrew,

Marine Corp Marathon 2015!

March 20, 2015

Good Morning Team Dykeman!

Hope everyone is doing well.  We are running the 40th Annual marine Corps Marathon October 25th!  There is a lottery for entry.  Please sign-up now.  You have 3 days left to get in the Lottery.  I know that Brian Lesh and Matt Archer are signed up and going for their 5th Marine Corps Marathon!  This will give them life time rights for entry into the Race.  I am Thankful for their continued support.  Brian Lesh is Qualified to Run the Boston Marathon and will be traveling next month to run it.  Congrats to Brian and Cousin Kevin Handly for running Boston again.

Kevin are you in for your 5th Marine Corps Marathon? Brother Steve?

Please let everyone know if  you have signed up for the Lottery!

This is my 10th Marathon that I will be running for Team Dykeman! I am looking forward to it.  Please know that I am so Thankful for everyone’s continued support and kind words!  It truly keeps me going.  Each year we give a Scholarship away in the memory of Captain Philip Dykeman USMC, KIA Iraq.  Soon Austin Dykeman will be going to College.  Austin is Philip and Ginger’s oldest son.  We are going to provide a scholarship for him.  These next couple of years are going to be the most important.  We need to make sure that Austin will want for nothing!  Soon the twins will follow suit.

Thank you again for all of your support for the Runners.  We all dedicate 4-5 months for training to be able to run 26.2 miles in honor of our Fallen Marine!

Hopefully the Lottery entrants will be accepted and get to run with me.

Special Thanks to Jason Potts, Bob Moore, Katie-Rose Tuttle, and Brad Crater! And all that have ran in the past and that will again in the future!

Thank you for all of the Men, Women and Families that serve and that have served, For your Service to our Country.  We are all grateful for our Freedoms you protect!

I am not a Marine, But I run for one!

Always Faithful,

Cousin Andrew!

Marine Corp Marathon 2013 – #4 for Team Dykeman

October 24, 2013

Team Dykeman!

We are 3 days and 12 hours away from the start of the Marine Corps Marathon. I am very excited about this race. All of the runners have put in the time and effort over the last 5 months.  It is time to race! (or just finish)!


I want to Thank You! Everyone has been very supportive as usual. This is the 5 year anniversary of my Cousin Captain Philip J Dykeman USMC was killed in Iraq. I can’t believe it has been 5 years. Team Dykeman has only begun. We have had many Golf Tournaments and Marathons. We support Team Dykeman to remember Philip and his Family. We remember his ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. The least I can do is run a Marathon for my Cousin and his family.

Please remember that we raise money for a scholarship that we give in his name to a Graduating senior every June. In June 2014 will be our 5th Scholarship. We give this scholarship to help remember and never forget.

Please consider making a contribution this year. If you want more information on how to make a donation, please reach out to me.

Next year will be my 8th Marathon and my 5th Marine Corps Marathon. I am looking forward to being able to run my 5th. With my 5th race I will have lifetime rights to enter the Marathon. This is a race that fills up in 2-3 hours! I will need support and runners for next year. It is a great race for your first marathon or a great race to do again! Please think about joining me next year. It is going to be Legend (wait for it) dary! LEGENDARY!

I will be arriving in Washington DC this Friday, getting my race packet. Then continuing on to Towson Maryland to see my Sister Mary, John and nephew Daniel. I am excited to see them. Saturday we will gather around 4 pm in the Arlington area for an early dinner. We will gather as a Team of runners that will run an individual race but with common purpose.
Sunday morning is the Race, we will gather at Arlington Cemetery and end at the Iwo Jima Memorial!  I will have Captain Dykeman’s Captains Bars that he wore home from Iraq. They will carry me to the finish. I will not fail in my mission!

We will gather after the race at Cousin Jackie Handly house in Falls Church.  All are welcome to celebrate the Race. We will toast the finishers!

The Handly’s are the Hosts with the most! Thank you for all of your support. I can’t wait to see Amelia and Ben!

Please keep us in your thoughts and your prayers as all of the runners travel to Washington DC.


To Ginger, Austin, Emilee and Ashlee: I love you. I do not take step without thinking of you!


We are not Marines, but we run for One! ( and his family)

Always Faithful,

Cousin Andrew

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