TEAM DYKEMAN Scholarship Plaque


Capt Philip Dykeman was a 1988 graduate of PV Moore High School and was killedin Iraq on 26 JUNE 2008

This scholarship is to remember Capt Dykeman and all of those that have served and sacrificed for this country by focusing on giving back to the community.

Our Community’s values of FAMILY, UNITY, LOYALTY, FAITH, ANDDETERMINATION are part of what Capt Dykeman stood for as Marine in his daily routine defending others that were not strong enough to defend themselves.

Capt Dykeman is a HERO, just like all who have given their lives in the defense andsupport of this country.  His selfless actions speak not only for him, but of his family and community that  instilled strong values.

We need the HEROES that HEAL, LEAD, TEACH, CREATE, and most importantly  take care of those not able to take care of themselves.

This scholarship will give back to the community by improving the opportunitiesfor another HERO to make a positive impact, not just in our community,

But in the world.


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