TeamDykeman scholarship fund

I am asking for your support, for your help, to honor this hero – this fallen Marine and to give back to his family.  Captain Phil made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us – now it is time to give back.  I have listed below the mailing address for Paul V. Moore High School .  Please help me make the first year of this scholarship an amazing one.  Please help me show Phil’s wife and children just how much the people of America care.  You can make donations by check to:

Paul V. Moore HS Endowment Fund

Please notate in the Memo: ‘Dykeman Scholarship’ to ensure it is allocated to the appropriate account.  It is our goal to raise $15,000 in order to enable us to award the first scholarship.  Please fill out the donation form below and mail to:

Central Square School District
Att: Mrs. Lisa Fox, Treasurer
642 South Main Street
Central Square, NY  13036

If you’d like to learn more about Captain Philip J. Dykeman you can visit  Here you will find information about:

  • Phil’s service in the Marines
  • Phil’s numerous awards and recognitions
  • Phil’s incredible experiences in Iraq
  • Phil’s emails to ‘Cousin Andrew’ during his time in Iraq
  • Photos
  • Comments / memories from Phil’s family and friends
  • More about ‘Team Dykeman’ and our purpose and goals

On behalf of my cousin Phil, his family, and everyone who believes in supporting our troops, fallen soldiers and the families they leave behind – I thank you for your time; for your consideration and for your support.

If you have any questions, you can email me at or call me at (919) 795-3971.

One last note – I want to extend an invitation to all of you to come to the marathon on November 2nd in Raleigh – it will be an event to remember! 

I am not a Marine, but I run for one.

Always Faithful,
Andrew J. Bateman, Raleigh , NC
Proud Cousin of Captain Philip J Dykeman, USMC

 Yes!  I would like to show my support for Captain Philip J. Dykeman and his family:


Name(s) ________________________________________________________________


Phone   _________________________________________________________________

Email   _________________________________________________________________

Check Enclosed  #_______________

Date                      _______________


______$25      ______$50     ______$75     _____$100     ______$500   ________$1000


 ______Other $___________


Make Check Payable:     Paul V. Moore H.S. Endowment Fund

Important:  Note “Dykeman Scholarship”

Mail to:
Central Square School District
Att: Mrs. Lisa Fox, Treasurer
642 South Main Street
Central Square, NY  13036



14 Responses to TeamDykeman scholarship fund

  1. Judy and Frank Austin says:

    We are Andrew’s in-laws and we are honored to contribute to sustaining the legacy of Phil Dykeman.

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  3. The response to the annoucement of the Scholarship has been outstanding. Thank you, Thank you , Thank you. We need all of the help we can get if we are going to make this a success. Please keep up the support, we still have a long way to go. Please post any and all comments. Love to all
    Always Faithful
    Cousin Andrew

  4. Cheri (Connolly) Webster says:

    What a wonderful tribute!! Im am very proud to be one of the blessed people to know Phil and all of his family. I think of all of you often and I am cheering you on every step of the way!! Good luck & much love!!!

  5. Richard & Nancy Euler says:

    We are long time friends of the Batemans, support Andrew in his first marathon?, and pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the scholarship fund. I did not know Phil, but obviously he was a very special person and dedicated to serving our country. Prayers for all of his family.

  6. Kevin Handly and Piney Kesting says:

    Andrew – we are proud of you and will be cheering you on from Boston. Every step you take will honor his memory, and remind his wife and children that Philip lives on in many hearts. I doubt that I will ever forget the sight of hundreds of people lining the road as we drove many miles from the funeral home to the church that sad day. It was a stirring tribute to Philip and to the decency and goodness of his community. Kevin and I are happy to contribute to the scholarship fund.

  7. Laurie Van Deusen says:

    Andrew…thank you so much for calling us and asking me to contribute pictures to Teamdykeman website..its a small way for Jon and I to contribute to Phillips memory–along with the scholarship fund. I unfortunately didn’t know Phillip–only met him once at our wedding back in 1990, but I have no doubt he was a wonderful man. Jon has many wonderful memories of playing with you and phillip when you guys were younger and I know he thinks about those memories often. What a wonderful thing you are doing in Phillip’s memory. I have no doubt he is very proud of you.

  8. Ginger Dykeman says:

    Andrew… I know Phil is loving the idea of you running a marathon. He is probably wondering where your boots are! In all seriousness,the kids and I are very proud of you. Austin became ill with strep throat so we had to cancel our flight to NC. But Andrew you will still be in our heart and thoughts with every step you take! Call when you get to the finish line!!! We our so proud of you! With all our love- Ginger, Austin, Emilee and Ashlee

    Don’t forget, next year, some Marines want to run next to you- Semper Fidelis!!!

  9. Sandra and Russell Sneeden says:

    We are donating an amount that is affordable to us and hopefully will be of some service to this family. We were inspired by the story and we also want to support our son , Rusty Sneeden, who is running in the marathan with an injured leg. I hope this helps in some small way. If all give a little the children will be taken care of. It takes a whole village to raise a child so lets be that village together.

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  11. […] TeamDykeman scholarship fund   […]

  12. Lynn Rouse says:

    Andrew, I’m making a donation to your fund in honor of Judy Austin’s birthday. We are proud of how TeamDykeman is carrying the torch for Phil.

  13. Kevin Handly says:

    2012 Boston Marathon was just a warm-up for this year’s Team Dykeman entry in Marine Corps Marathon XXXVII. See you there, in Arlington, Virginia, Sunday, October 28, 2012.

  14. Mariko says:

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