Marine Corp Marathon 2015!

March 20, 2015

Good Morning Team Dykeman!

Hope everyone is doing well.  We are running the 40th Annual marine Corps Marathon October 25th!  There is a lottery for entry.  Please sign-up now.  You have 3 days left to get in the Lottery.  I know that Brian Lesh and Matt Archer are signed up and going for their 5th Marine Corps Marathon!  This will give them life time rights for entry into the Race.  I am Thankful for their continued support.  Brian Lesh is Qualified to Run the Boston Marathon and will be traveling next month to run it.  Congrats to Brian and Cousin Kevin Handly for running Boston again.

Kevin are you in for your 5th Marine Corps Marathon? Brother Steve?

Please let everyone know if  you have signed up for the Lottery!

This is my 10th Marathon that I will be running for Team Dykeman! I am looking forward to it.  Please know that I am so Thankful for everyone’s continued support and kind words!  It truly keeps me going.  Each year we give a Scholarship away in the memory of Captain Philip Dykeman USMC, KIA Iraq.  Soon Austin Dykeman will be going to College.  Austin is Philip and Ginger’s oldest son.  We are going to provide a scholarship for him.  These next couple of years are going to be the most important.  We need to make sure that Austin will want for nothing!  Soon the twins will follow suit.

Thank you again for all of your support for the Runners.  We all dedicate 4-5 months for training to be able to run 26.2 miles in honor of our Fallen Marine!

Hopefully the Lottery entrants will be accepted and get to run with me.

Special Thanks to Jason Potts, Bob Moore, Katie-Rose Tuttle, and Brad Crater! And all that have ran in the past and that will again in the future!

Thank you for all of the Men, Women and Families that serve and that have served, For your Service to our Country.  We are all grateful for our Freedoms you protect!

I am not a Marine, But I run for one!

Always Faithful,

Cousin Andrew!


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