2018 Marine Core Marathon

October 30, 2018

Good Morning.  Hope you are having a great start to your day.  Team Dykeman is a Non-Profit organization that’s sole purpose is not to forget.   Never forget the sacrifice Captain Philip Dykeman USMC KIA Iraq gave along with his family.  Captain Dykeman was killed in action in Iraq in 2008.  This is the 10th Memorial Anniversary.  We raise money for a scholarship in his name.

Last year his son Austin graduated High School with Honors and received the Scholarship last year.  One of the proudest moments of my life.  Team Dykeman also gave away multiple $500 awards to graduating students entering the Military.  Many used the money so their families could travel for their graduation from Basic Training!

On October 28th Team Dykeman will be running the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC.  We will have 14 runners this year!  These runners are traveling at their own expense, have trained for the last 5 months, just to honor Captain Dykeman and his family.

Please help support Team Dykeman.  You can give you check to Andrew Bateman or any of the runners.  If you would like to mail your check made out to Paul V. Moore HS Endowment Fund, Please send to:

Central Square School District
Attn: Mrs. Lisa Fox
642 South Main Street
Central Square NY  13036

Make sure in the memo please note “Team Dykeman” on the check


This will be my 13th  marathon in 10 years.  I went from the couch to marathon in under 3 months for the first one.  I didn’t stop running for 10 years.  Captain Dykeman was way more than my cousin.  His Mom and my Mom were twins, we grew up very close.  Stayed in constant contact throughout our lives.  I introduced him to his wife and am the Godfather to one of the twins!  He was truly a very special person.  This will be my last Marathon.  I will be running the Marine Corps 10K next year.  I challenge the younger generation to start running with Team Dykeman.  Start with the 10K and work up to the Marathon!  We will be there every year!

Team Dykeman has amazing supporters.  I can’t thank you enough.   Without your support it wouldn’t have worked out.  We have given out Scholarships every year because of your support.  The runners will do their part and run in the honor of Captain Dykeman.  Please continue to support Team Dykeman!

The runners are a special breed!  Marathons are usually a bucket list item and its scratched off never to be done again.  This is a group of world class athletes that run with me every year because they believe in what we are doing.  It is greater than us!  I never could have run without you!  Thank you for being my teammates on this adventure.

We are going to CHARGE The DISTRICT, BEAT the BRIDGE and TAKE the IWO!  Are you ready!  I know I am .

I am not a Marine , but we have two Marines, But we all run for one!


Always Faithful

Cousin Andrew!


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