2019 Marine Core Marathon

Good Morning Team Dykeman!

I hope you and your Families are doing well and having a great start to the fall.  In 100 hours the Marine Corps Marathon and MC 10K will start.  OCTOBER 27th 2019   https://www.marinemarathon.com/ This is the 11th year the Team Dykeman is running.  We have 3 runners for the Marathon and 3 runners for the 10k!  Team Dykeman is and forever will never forget.  We will continue to honor Captain Philip J Dykeman and his ultimate sacrifice in Iraq.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him.

Last year at the 10th anniversary, a legend was born!  We had a young person, age 18,  step up, without any training, run the full Marathon.  The longest he had run was 2 miles.  He consistently went to the gym, but was not a runner.  For the rest of his life, he is a Marathoner(no one can ever take that away from him)  I could not be prouder of Ben Handly!   He is now and forever will be The Man, The Myth, the Legend!  We all have great stories and memories of running and coming together, but this is clearly one of the best!

This year we have Brian Lesh, Bryan Staffey, and Rachel running the marathon again.  Julie and Alyssa and I are running the 10K.  We will be enjoying all of Washington DC.

Please consider donating to Team Dykeman this year.  If you have in the past Thank you!  If you want to again, Please.  If you haven’t made a donation, please reach out to me.  It is very easy.  Every dollar goes to the Scholarship in Captain Philip Dykeman’s honor.  The Golf Tournament this last summer was a success, and we look forward to announcing the dates for 2020!  We will make golf Great Again!

Each year we give a scholarship out to graduating seniors and to students joining the Military.  We are proud to do this, and promise to continue.

Thank you for all of your support for Team Dykeman!  Please give your thoughts and prayers to all of the runners traveling and running this weekend.  Godspeed, and may the wind always be at your back!

Always Faithful,

Cousin Andrew.

Please check out Team Dykeman on Facebook.  And also support Run N Tri Outfitters (in Wake Forest NC) Last year they donated all of the Team Dykeman t-shirts!  Thank you to Bryan Staffey for your support and your Service!


One Response to 2019 Marine Core Marathon

  1. Andrew J. Bateman says:

    Looking forward to another great weekend in Washington DC for the Marine Corps Marathon weekend. http://www.marinemarathon.com
    We have Julie, Alyssa and I running the 10K and Brian Bryan and Rachel running the Marathon. Thank you for everyone for their continued support.
    Please consider making a donation and honor Captain Philip J. Dykeman KIA Iraq.
    Thank you,
    Cousin Andrew

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