One down one to go!

On Sunday Andrew participated in the first of two marathons he has scheduled.  Yesterday he ran the Century Marathon in Fulton, NY.  Twenty-seven days from today he will lace up his running shoes for the City of Oaks Marathon in his home town of Raleigh, NC.  Sunday, Andrew turned in his personal best time of  4 hrs and 41 minutes.  Outstanding!     Andrew was joined by his brother Stephen who ran the Half Marathon.

The Century Marathon course goes right by… Kathy’s (Captian Phil’s sister) house.   The crowd on the front proch led by Ray Shoults cheered Andrew as he went by!  Weather couldn’t have been better.  A chilly 38 degrees at the start warmed up to a high of about 60 degrees by mid-day.  Congratulation to Andrew!    Let’s not forget he is raising money for the Captain Philip Dykeman Scholarship fund.   He’s doing all the running the least we can do is pledge donations.  See the Team Dykeman Scholarship Fund page for information on how to give!

 He’s not a Marine but he runs for one!


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