4,000 miles in memory of Captain Phil!

October 22, 2015

Good Morning on this brisk October morning.  We are 4 days from the Marine Corps Marathon.  We are going to run 26.2 miles in the honor and memory of Captain Philip J. Dykeman, USMC KIA.  I am very excited and have the pre-race jitters already.  The ones that have run in the past know what I am talking about.  This mission to run only has one outcome.  We are going to complete this mission.  I am grateful to have the continued ability to run in honor of my Cousin that I miss so much.  This is not something that I would have been able to do without a greater purpose.  Just think, this is my 10th Marathon.  That is 262 miles right there, but it is the Journey that has gotten us to this point.  Each Marathon has been 4 months of training( between 300 and 400 miles each).  I have run 4,000 miles in the memory of my Cousin Phil, Austin, Emilee, Ashlee and Ginger.  I am not sure how far Forest Gump ran, I think it was longer.  But when you run, it may be praying, it may just be thinking, but each morning I said “ Good Morning Cousin Phil”  EVERYTIME!  I also said hello to a few others also!  Unfortunately I have added Cousin Ann and Colonel Dan McGrath to my morning ritual.

Team Dykeman’s goal is to never forget.  Team Dykeman does this by giving scholarship’s in Captain Dykeman’s name.  We cannot forget this Marine that GAVE ALL!  He has a Family that needs to know that we have not forgotten.  Many of you have given in the past, some have even run the Marathon with me.  Please consider donating this year.  I promise to finish my 10th Marathon.  The decision to do 11 has not been made yet.  Please show your support and donate to the Team Dykeman Scholarship this year.  Let me know if you have any questions on how to Donate!

This Sunday is National Wear your Team Dykeman T-Shirt Day!  Please take a picture and send it to me! Or post it on Facebook and Tag me!  Any and All support gives us strength to continue our mission.

We are not Marines, but we run for one!

Always Faithful,

Cousin Andrew,


Salute to all Veterans

November 16, 2010

Last week was Veterans Day; all of us at Team Dykeman want to stand and salute all who served so we might live and enjoy the freedoms of this great country.   Every who knew Phil knew he loved his job, he loved serving country.  Here’s a short tribute to all who serve and served!

Phil seeks advice from his older brother…. by Art Dykeman

December 19, 2008

It was brought to my attention that I need to be careful with my use of ERMAs Easily Recognizable Military Acronyms So I will try and spell them out first.

MTF = More To Follow

Phil was going to school in Brockport studying Criminal Justice.  I had been in the Navy for a little over 5 years, a First Class Petty Officer, and was stationed at the Naval Ship Yards In Brooklyn NY NY (we were moving the base functions to Staten Island).  I had been there for about 6 to 8 Months I guess and the 1st gulf war was happening. 

I was working in the Cabinet/Carpenter Shop one day when my Chief came in and told me I had a phone call in his office from a Marine Master Sergeant.  My Chief then started to ask me why was a MSgt was calling me, What did I do, Was he going to see a report from base security, why didn’t I tell him I had done something to the local Marines, Who else was involved.. Well you get the idea.     Read the rest of this entry »

Phil’s Brother Art – by Art’s Wife Judy

December 1, 2008

I am Judy Dykeman, Art’s wife and this is my observation.

We should all be so blessed to have the emotional strength that Art has. This remarkable man has had so much loss in his short life. A lesser person would have crumbled. Not Art. His philosophy in this life is “move ahead smartly”. As abnormal as I think this is, (maybe cuz I’m a woman) it somehow works for him. I envy his ability to do that.

Art is one of those guys that sees the glass as half full. He’s truly grateful for what he has and doesn’t dwell on what is gone. Instead of being over-come with grief & sorrow as I expected he would be, he’s not. He’s just simply proud of the man that Phil was. He gets strength from that. I asked him a lot early on “are you bitter or angry”? He had several standard answers. My favorite one is “this is not my first rodeo” as he says with a half-smile and tear just about to roll down his chubby cheek.

As the days go by I can’t say it’s gotten any easier to except Phil’s passing. But from this unfortunate event, Phil has unknowingly created a stronger bond. A bond appropriately named “Teamdykeman”. Funny how life works.

So what I’ve observed in these last months is that Art is right. (I hate it when that happens) It is to our advantage to “move ahead smartly”.

I’m proud to be the wife of Art Dykeman and even more honored to be a part of his amazing family.

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