Dear Family and Friends,

Phil at work in Anbar

Phil at work in Anbar

As many of you know, my friend and cousin, Captain Philip J. Dykeman USMC was killed in Iraq June 26, 2008. 


Phil died at the young age of 38 leaving behind his wife of almost 10 years, 3 children – Austin, 9; Emilee, 6 and Ashlee, 6 – and an extended family stretching across the country that miss him dearly with every passing day.  ‘Captain Phil’, as his troops called him, served as a Marine for 17 years.  His service took him to over 20 countries across the world. Captain Philip Dykeman gave his life for our Country and now it is time to give back.


I would like to officially announce that I am running the “City of Oaks” Marathon in Raleigh, North Carolina, Sunday November 2, 2008 in honor of Capt. Philip Dykeman’s life and service to the United States of America .  My training consists of both short and long runs throughout the week (my longest run was 20 miles last Sunday).  Every time my feet hit the ground, I think of Phil and I am able to run just a little bit faster and just a little bit farther. He is my inspiration.


My tremendous love and respect for my cousin has moved me to action – to help support his family and carry on his name.  I have established a scholarship – The Captain Philip J. Dykeman Memorial Scholarshipthrough Paul V. Moore High School – Phil’s alma mater in Central Square, NY.   Phil’s three children will follow in his footsteps there and will benefit from this fund upon their graduation.  In addition to Phil’s children, each year, a recipient will be chosen from the high school to benefit from the scholarship.  My goal is to ensure that Captain Philip J. Dykeman’s name carries on forever.


17 Responses to Dear Family and Friends,

  1. teamdykeman says:

    This is the best darn blog I have ever seen….

  2. Mary (Mimi) McGrath Bateman says:

    Nice job setting this up Andrew and Peter. The PICS are great, espcially the one of Andrew and Phil on our deck. The end of that night gets kind of fuzzy for me. But I do know we had toy Marine soldiers all over his cake and we eventually played war games with them.

    We are proud of you, Andrew…

    Lots of Love, Mary Mac

  3. Andrew Bateman says:

    Good Morning To All,
    Thank you for taking the time and interest in Team Dykeman, our goal is to remember Captain Philip Dykeman. He beleived in Family, Education, and Loved Soccer. With this scholarship we will be able to help all 3. Please contact me with any questions. Also spread the word. Pass on to any and all. I will be making posts on a daily basis. Today October 21, 2008 is the official kick-off. I do not have everyones email, so if i missed anyone in our family and friends, send it to them. With all of our combined effort we can make this a success.
    Love to All
    Cousin Andrew Bateman

  4. Jane Bateman says:

    To one and all,

    My twin sister, who died in 1990 while Phil was at Brockport State, would have been so very proud of her sons. Phil joined the Marines shortly after his mother’s death. Arthur, his older brother, was already a Naval SeaBee. My heart and prayers go out to all the families who have lost loved ones in Iraq. The loss is so great. Thank you for your interest in teamdykeman.

    Love to all, Aunt Jane Frenette Bateman

  5. Mary Bateman-Ferry says:

    Wow… so thrilled with all that you are doing. It is especially appropriate that the scholarship is for the High School in Central Square. I will always remember the tremendous, moving support of the Oneida county residents the day of Phil’s funeral.

    Mary aka “the godmother”

  6. Jonathan Walter says:

    Nicole, my girlfriend, saw a picture of you, and didn’t believe me when i said you were running a marathon…but we both wish you the best of luck!

  7. Kathryn Shoults says:

    Andrew may be my older cousin, but the energy and dedication to the kick-off of this scholarship in memory of my little brother is incredible. I want everyone to know that he only began to run in July–and to even think of running a 26 mile marathon 4 months later verges on insane. It truly is love and loyalty that keeps pushing him further. My husband, Ray, is thankful he chose running and not horseshoes-saving the family horrible embarrassment. I am just thankful for Andrew. Love you my “kissin’ cuz.”

  8. Brent says:


    I don’t think we ever met – I don’t remember. I lived across from Phil in NC and visited him frequently while he was in Quantico. I intend to be there at the finish line in memory of Phil and in support of you.

    Thank you!!!!

  9. Kathryn Shoults says:

    Just one week left–keep your chin up and your feet hitting the pavement–what you are doing is amazing. Love you so much

  10. Mary Bateman-Ferry says:

    Will be with you in spirit……great that Brent, Kathryn, Ray, Julie and others will be there at the finish line to catch you!! Perhaps we could have a massive Euchre tournament to show Ray what champs you and I are!!! We certainly had our dance down.

    Much love and so proud of you,


  11. Rusty Sneeden says:

    Andrew , this is on of the most awesome things a man can do ! All of your friends and family are really proud of you and we will all be there at the finish line with you !

    I had the honor of meeting Phil and playing golf with him and Andrew about two years ago and Phil welcomed me in his house and introduced me to his family . I had just met Phil that day but it felt like I had known him forever and we had been friends all of our lives . I guess that runs in the Bateman family because Meeting Andrew and all of his brothers and sister , well let’s just say that I have always felt like an extended part of their family , especially Mrs. Mama Bateman , did you guys know she makes the best darn cookies anywhere on the planet .

    Peter , Great job on the website , like I said before this is a great thing you guys are doing and Phil is with you every step of the way !! You guys are making him Proud !!!

    If there is anything I can do please let me know ! Our hearts and souls are with you guys !!
    Andrew , please do not trip over your shoe laces !!

    Your Friend ,

    Rusty Sneeden

  12. john voss says:

    How does one truly express in words how moving your living tribute has been and how it has personally effected my own sense of family and the bonds of commitment, lov, and support. I am very proud to claim you both as son-in-law and friend.

    This is truly a run you will never forget; not just for its duration, but for the fact that it is the inaugral event of a legacy in the making. Phil has to be sitting up there with a huge grin on his face just knowing what your up against.

    Run strong. Know that we are all behind you pushing with every bit of love and support we can muster. You champion for the best of causes!

    See you race day! I can’t wait to play the role of “Gunga Din”!!

    Your True Friend,


  13. Keith and Joanne says:

    Thanks to Mary, we have a full appreciation of what you are doing and the sacrifice you are making to honor Phil. We have a tremendous respect for you and wish we could be there to see you crossing that finish line with your head held high. Just know we will be there in spirit.


    Keith and Jo

  14. Julie Bateman says:

    It is 12am (after the clocks have already been turned back :o) and I am sitting here making the final arrangements for the big race day tomorrow…printing Andrew’s snack schedule and his pace sheet; making posters for our cheering crowd; packing a cooler with extra waters and gatorade and a little ibuprofin in the pocket for ‘just in case’ ;o), and just taking a few minutes to reflect.

    I can honestly say that Andrew has put every ounce of his heart and his soul into these efforts. I am so grateful to all who are so supportive and cheering him on. As Cousin Kathy put it – ever so insightfully today – Andrew has created the ‘good stuff’… a happy reason to all get together every year.

    This truly is a wonderful thing you are doing, Andrew. My heart will be with you always. I am so very proud of you.!

    To Ginger, Kathy, Art, Austin, Emilee, Ashlee and all of our men and women in service to our country – I pray for you every day and thank you all for the sacrifices you have made and continue to make every day. All you do will not be forgotten.

  15. Betsy Van Deusen says:

    Andrew and teamdykeman, I am so proud of you Andrew for the way that you are and will honor Phil! It has always been about family and the privilege of sharing life with all of you with the inevitable joys and sorrows but this journey of yours takes it to another place! Go You! I cry with tears of great joy as I feel and know the connection that is shared! Congratulations on your first marathon! God Bless! Love Cousin Betsy

  16. Kathryn Shoults says:

    Hello to everyone
    Andrew did it! 26.2 miles and smiling at the finish line ( and he didn’t even know there was a massage at the end) Amazing doesn’t even begin to come close to the man or the event-I know I look forward to whatever is next and the time spent together helping. The sacrifices, effort and time(money ,too) to create a lasting legacy for someone that I love, we all love, and miss so very much…well somehow it’s starting to come together for me and I see a glimpse of the “good that comes from everything”. Thank you Andrew. I love you. And Phil–I love you too.
    Love Kathryn

  17. Tim Kernan (Chief) says:

    Andrew ran a Marathon????

    Good for you, and for the memory of an amazing person.

    Well, I guess that they say that Bears do run fast.

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