Team Dykeman needs your help!

Who was Captain Philip Dykeman?

He was my cousin. Our Mother’s were twins. We grew up together. I introduced him to his wife; I am the God father to his daughter Ashlee.

Phil has 3 children; Austin who is 11 is the same age as my Morgan. Twin girls Emilee and Ashlee, age 8 same age as my Alyssa. He was more than just my Cousin.

He was my best friend.

He enlisted in the Marine Corp at the age of 20 and spent 8 years as a grunt. The Marines thought so much of him they sent him back to college so he could become an Officer. He achieved the rank of Captain. His deployments took him around the world. He did 2 tours in Iraq where he was awarded a Purple Heart. For his exemplary service he was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor . He did not live to receive it.

This is a letter sent from Phil’s First Sergeant:

Capt Dykeman was a brother to us too, and he was much more than my Commanding Officer. He was my friend, and someone that I and everyone else could rely on. He truly believed that the people here (Iraq) are basically good, and he accepted certain risks in order to further our mission here, and because of his hard work we have been wildly successful.

He was very unassuming, and not one to brag, but he had set the bar for all of the other Company Commanders in Al Anbar in the development of our Iraqi Police, and in security in the region. He was so popular in our area that several Sheiks literally offered their daughters to him, and they offered to build him a house to move Ginger and the kids to Iraq if he would stay here.

He cared for our Marines like they were his own children, and continuously made sure that they were well trained, and well taken care of. The Corporals and Sergeants were his favorites. He would never miss an opportunity to circumvent me to talk to the Marines to find out what was really on their minds, and he truly cared about what was on their minds. Without a doubt, he was the best Company Commander I ever had.

1st Sergeant Goldman

He was not an ordinary Marine; He used his position in life to help make the world a better place. He gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.
After Phil’s death, I had to do something with the pain I was feeling. My wife Julie, said, “Run a marathon!” Team Dykeman was born.

Team Dykeman is about remembering and keeping alive the values and beliefs that Phil lived every day. Team Dykeman established a scholarship in Captain Phil’s name at his high school. To date two $1,000 scholarship have been awarded.

I waivered a little a few months back; asking for money is never easy, but a friend said, “If you don’t ask, then who will?”

Why a scholarship? The answer is summed up on the Plaque made by Phil’s older brother, Master Chief Arthur Dykeman US Navy Retired.

In the next 32 days I will be running two marathons, 52.4 miles. I am not a Marine but I run for one! Everyone who reads this and is touch by this, I am asking for 50 cents a mile, $ 26 dollars. Help me keep the spirit of Captain Phil alive! All contributions are 100% tax deductible!

Please go and visit, lots of info on activities and events. Check out our photo gallery for tons of pictures. Click on the TeamDykeman Scholarship page for information on how to give!

On behalf of all those involved in Team Dykeman; Thank you!

Andrew Bateman


One Response to Team Dykeman needs your help!

  1. A special Thank you to my BNI(Business Network International) Group “The Morning Show” Thank you for your support and time this morning. IT was great to share my passion with you. Your response has givin me the self-assurance that i cannot fail in my task. Thank you for your support of Team Dykeman. I will follwo-up with all of the details on how to contribute.

    Always Faithful

    Andrew Bateman

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