We did it! from Rusty Sneeden

February 17, 2009

Well , we did it ! This is the second race but not the last . This was my first one and I really want to say how good it feels to be part of such a great thing . The support for us running and the support that teamdykeman is getting is unreal . We all go through rough patches in our lives but somehow family and friends always pull together and I have truly witnessed the effect that it can have on me personally and others . Read the rest of this entry »


The ball is rolling….

October 22, 2008

Mrs. Cynthia Crouch has been instrumental in helping us set up the scholarship.  Many Thanks to her.  She also is spreading the word.  this went out to the staff of Paul V. Moore High School.  Mrs. Crouch is a Guidance Counselor at the school, and was for all three Dykeman children.  She has really been great to work with.
I put out your email to all of the our staff and have heard back from a couple of staff members that they needed kleenex after reading.  You really worded this so well, Andrew.  Having said that, one of the staff asked if you had placed this in the Citizen Outlet and/or the Syracuse Post Standard (Oswego edition) newspaper and thought I might give you a heads up on that as there could be people who knew Philip (in class or school or community) that might want to contribute.  Hope this helps.  Cindy”


So let’s get the ball rolling…  I know these are tough times… but we need every bodies help to kick-start the scholarship fund.   For information on making a donation click here… https://teamdykeman.wordpress.com/about/


Always faithful,


Dear Family and Friends,

October 17, 2008
Phil at work in Anbar

Phil at work in Anbar

As many of you know, my friend and cousin, Captain Philip J. Dykeman USMC was killed in Iraq June 26, 2008. 


Phil died at the young age of 38 leaving behind his wife of almost 10 years, 3 children – Austin, 9; Emilee, 6 and Ashlee, 6 – and an extended family stretching across the country that miss him dearly with every passing day.  ‘Captain Phil’, as his troops called him, served as a Marine for 17 years.  His service took him to over 20 countries across the world. Captain Philip Dykeman gave his life for our Country and now it is time to give back.


I would like to officially announce that I am running the “City of Oaks” Marathon in Raleigh, North Carolina, Sunday November 2, 2008 in honor of Capt. Philip Dykeman’s life and service to the United States of America .  My training consists of both short and long runs throughout the week (my longest run was 20 miles last Sunday).  Every time my feet hit the ground, I think of Phil and I am able to run just a little bit faster and just a little bit farther. He is my inspiration.


My tremendous love and respect for my cousin has moved me to action – to help support his family and carry on his name.  I have established a scholarship – The Captain Philip J. Dykeman Memorial Scholarshipthrough Paul V. Moore High School – Phil’s alma mater in Central Square, NY.   Phil’s three children will follow in his footsteps there and will benefit from this fund upon their graduation.  In addition to Phil’s children, each year, a recipient will be chosen from the high school to benefit from the scholarship.  My goal is to ensure that Captain Philip J. Dykeman’s name carries on forever.

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