The ball is rolling….

Mrs. Cynthia Crouch has been instrumental in helping us set up the scholarship.  Many Thanks to her.  She also is spreading the word.  this went out to the staff of Paul V. Moore High School.  Mrs. Crouch is a Guidance Counselor at the school, and was for all three Dykeman children.  She has really been great to work with.
I put out your email to all of the our staff and have heard back from a couple of staff members that they needed kleenex after reading.  You really worded this so well, Andrew.  Having said that, one of the staff asked if you had placed this in the Citizen Outlet and/or the Syracuse Post Standard (Oswego edition) newspaper and thought I might give you a heads up on that as there could be people who knew Philip (in class or school or community) that might want to contribute.  Hope this helps.  Cindy”


So let’s get the ball rolling…  I know these are tough times… but we need every bodies help to kick-start the scholarship fund.   For information on making a donation click here…


Always faithful,



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