We did it! from Rusty Sneeden

Well , we did it ! This is the second race but not the last . This was my first one and I really want to say how good it feels to be part of such a great thing . The support for us running and the support that teamdykeman is getting is unreal . We all go through rough patches in our lives but somehow family and friends always pull together and I have truly witnessed the effect that it can have on me personally and others .

I want to personally thank the Batemans for being so supportive ! I want to Thank Peter for keeping up with this website like he does . I want to thank the following people for supporting me and pushing me to run this race and finish, seeing you guys there with your signs and knowing that you were proud to see us cross that finish line goes beyond what words can describe — Thank you Angel , Dewayne, Kim, Ireland and Sutton, John Voss, Morgan and Alyssa, Aunt Jane and Aunt Anne. Thanks for the support and also thanks to Paul Handley for keeping us laughing.   My legs may be shorter than some but next race we will keep up with Paul and Andrew .

A special thanks goes to Julie Bateman, my running partner,  we stuck together the whole race and it made a difference to get through . I appreciate you being there and I will run with you anytime any place!! 

I want to say a special congrats to Dewayne and Kim for kick starting us off right with the 5k . Talk about getting pumped up , seeing you guys do the first thing was awesome!  I am very proud of you guys! Now we have to train even harder!!

Andrew,  just thanks for being the driving force for all of this,

Andrew and Rusty

Andrew and Rusty

 you are a good man and a special friend !

Thanks to everyone that has donated and to everyone that has just said encouraging words , we need it !!

Sincerely ,

Rusty Sneeden


2 Responses to We did it! from Rusty Sneeden

  1. Sandra and Russell Sneeden says:

    Just wanted you to know that Dad and I are proud of you as well. I was really afraid you would hurt yourself as you are not used to this type of exercise as the last time we walked together in Montana (ha ha ha) you could not keep up with me(ha ha ha), but you did a great job and we are glad that you feel better mentally and spiritually about what you have accomplished. This will last way past all the sore muscles and aching feet. Congratulations on a job well done. Love always, Tana Nana and Papa

  2. Brent says:


    I’m sorry that I wasn’t a part of your Myrtle Beach experience. My mother-in-law has been having some medical problems that has consumed a lot of our time. Sandra was up in TN for over two weeks and is up there again all this week.

    ANYWAY, the Ft Bragg USO 5K run for the troops is March 7th.

    Here is the link:


    and here:


    Samantha who is down under 10 minute miles will be there, and I will be there but significantly slower than Samantha.

    I hope all of you can make it.

    Take care, Brent

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