On your mark… get set…train!

May 26, 2009

I have heard from many of you about your training, great job!   Julie and I are starting tomorrow with Jeff Galloway Training Program.  It will be fun to meet him in person tomorrow. 

Would like to announce that my Brother Steve Bateman is signed up to run with us at the MCM.  He signed up on April 1st, but stayed in the closet til he knew that he could run it.  He just did a 10k at a 8:30 minute pace!  I think he will be fine.


Mike and Holly Redwine have started their training.  Holly just ran over 5 miles for the first time.  I can’t wait to see you guys again!  Jen Brooks is running in my neighborhood rubbing it in my face that she beat me at our last 1/2 marathon. 

Brent and Samantha Crane are running all over Jacksonville.   I know that Jon VanDeusen played golf last week, that doesn’t count as exercise!  I have not spoken to my friend Dewayne in a few weeks, but i know that he will be ready!   Why is it that Brian Handly is going to France in August and the other three have decided to run a Marathon?  I am proud of my Brother -in-Law Kevin Voss that he is going to run with us.  Please share you stories of training, or if you would just like to make a sarcastic comment, please do!


If you need any information about the hotel or events surrounding the Marathon, please let me know (919)795-3971.


This is Memorial Day weekend.  It will have a new meaning to me.   One that hits close to my heart.  Take a moment and run or think about Capt Phil this Monday.

I think of him every day.  As members of Team Dykeman i want you to be proud of what we are doing.  On June 7, 2009 we are awarding the First Scholarship in his name.  It is going to a Graduating Senior Soccer player from his High School.   I couldn’t be prouder of all of you.  Thank you.



April 1, 2009
Please spread the word.  Team Dykeman is open to all.  Come run with us!
Forward this email to anyone that is interested.
Registration Starts April 1, 2009.  It is a very popular marathon, it will fill up in less then 5 days.  Registration starts at 12 noon EST, cost is $88. 
The Race is October 25, 2009 in Washington DC.  We will have Family oriented events all weekend long.   Including a trip to Arlington Cemetery for the “Changing of the Guard”.  Please call me at anytime (919)795-3971.  Reply to all on this Marathon email, explain who you are also.  We will become very close over this year.  We will go through all the ups and downs of training for a marathon together. 
This is a Team event, whether you decide to run or not, we are here for each other. 
We are not Marines, But we Run for One!
Andrew Bateman

A BB Gun for Christmas…by Art Dykeman

January 16, 2009

I left for boot camp on 26 DEC 1984.   The first Christmas I was home for was in 1986.  I came home for about 3 or 4 weeks.  I can’t remember all of the presents but PJ wanted a BB gun.  Those of you who knew our mother know she didn’t care for weapons.  I couldn’t have a BB gun growing up.  Mom and I had long discussions about it.  I actually tried to push for a .22 Rifle but it didn’t go anywhere.  So after all the discussions and promises to teach him how to use it safely I was allowed to get him one. Read the rest of this entry »

The first of many stories about my Brother Phil…

December 8, 2008

As Promised here is the first of Many stories about my Brother Phil.. Some pre notes and such:

1. I am writing as the memories come to me not in any specific order.
2. These are my and memories and may not be the same as actual events or how anyone else remembers them.
3. I welcome enhancements to the stories, If I forgot something remind me of it.
4. I encourage everyone to write their own versions as we are trying to tell one Man’s story and no One’s story can be told by just one person.
5. I reserve the right to change any of these when ever I want.
6. If you can’t read this with out scrutinizing my writing style, spelling, grammar, or anything else that should be followed in proper literary fashion you may want to stop now.. This will probably give you fits. If you wish to be my personal editor let me know and I can send you advance copies for chop. Read the rest of this entry »

I did It!

November 5, 2008

We did it, is more like it.  I finished the Marathon in 5 hours 1 minand 22seconds.  Not bad.  It was because of all of the support that I received that I was able to run the “City of Oaks” Marathon.  There was never a point that I wasn’t going to finish.  I would never disrespect a Fallen Marine.  I ran for my Cousin Phil, I know that he was with me.  I wished he was there to carry me.  But it is our job to help carry on his memory. 
Team Dykeman at City of Oaks Marathon Thank you for all that have contributed and to all that will continue to.  This is not over.  Later this week I will get an update on how much we have raised for the Captain Philip J. Dykeman Memorial Scholarship Fund.  I know that we have not reached out goal, YET!  The website www.teamdykeman.com ,by Friday, will have a total.  We will also have a video and pictures of the Marathon. 
As I ran through the finish line the announcer said” # 139 is Andrew Bateman member of Team Dykeman.  He is running for Captain Philip J Dykeman, United States Marine Corps.  He was killed in Iraq in June.”  I didn’t catch the rest, I was pointing to the sky.  Paying my own tribute.  ” WE DID IT” Read the rest of this entry »

Andrew did it! by Kathryn Shoults

November 4, 2008

Hello to everyone

Andrew did it! 26.2 miles and smiling at the finish line ( and he didn’t even know there was a massage at the end) Amazing doesn’t even begin to come close to the man or the event-I know I look forward to whatever is next and the time spent together helping. The sacrifices, effort and time(money ,too) to create a lasting legacy for someone that I love, we all love, and miss so very much…well somehow it’s starting to come together for me and I see a glimpse of the “good that comes from everything”. Thank you Andrew. I love you. And Phil–I love you too.

Love Kathryn
(Captian Phil’s Sister)

Welcome to TeamDykeman.com

October 21, 2008

This blog is a work in progress.   The goal is to keep everyone updated on our efforts to raise money for the Captian Phillip J. Dykeman Memorial Scholarship.  The blog format was chosen because it allows everyone to participate in the conversation.   Below each post is a link to add your comments, comments on other comments… and so on.   You get the idea.

In a week I will be participating in the City of Oaks Marathon.  I will be posting a few stories from my training and will use the blog to let everybody know how I did… you know… finished.    If you want to post a picture or add a post to the blog.   E-mail us at teamdykeman@yahoo.com and we will add it to the blog.   I want this to be a fun but informative.

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