I did It!

We did it, is more like it.  I finished the Marathon in 5 hours 1 minand 22seconds.  Not bad.  It was because of all of the support that I received that I was able to run the “City of Oaks” Marathon.  There was never a point that I wasn’t going to finish.  I would never disrespect a Fallen Marine.  I ran for my Cousin Phil, I know that he was with me.  I wished he was there to carry me.  But it is our job to help carry on his memory. 
Team Dykeman at City of Oaks Marathon Thank you for all that have contributed and to all that will continue to.  This is not over.  Later this week I will get an update on how much we have raised for the Captain Philip J. Dykeman Memorial Scholarship Fund.  I know that we have not reached out goal, YET!  The website www.teamdykeman.com ,by Friday, will have a total.  We will also have a video and pictures of the Marathon. 
As I ran through the finish line the announcer said” # 139 is Andrew Bateman member of Team Dykeman.  He is running for Captain Philip J Dykeman, United States Marine Corps.  He was killed in Iraq in June.”  I didn’t catch the rest, I was pointing to the sky.  Paying my own tribute.  ” WE DID IT”
I promise to Thank each and everyone for their support.  Special Thank You to
Julie,Morgan, Alyssa, Jane, Kathy, Miranda, John, Judy, Frank, Alison, Brent, Samantha, Mark, Christen, and Kevin Butler.  I met Kevin at the start, we ran together for 18 miles, turns out his brother is a Captain in the Marine Corp.  Small world.  These people bounced around the course to cheer me on.  And cry with me at the End.  The Frenette’s have stepped up also.  Please make more Posts at the website.  This is about Family.  Peter Bateman has been very dedicated to this cause right along.   My sister Mary sent my announcement out to her whole email book,  that is a LOT of people.  John Voss purchased the T-Shirts.  Ausfam has been GREAT.  The people from Julie’s Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston Office have really stepped up.  Steve Krugar is the Man!  Thank you to the whole office.  There are many more, I am sorry if i have missed anybody.  I will thank you personally.
James McNamara(Mac, College Roommate) $ 501 donation
Jamie and Joe Hess(High School Best Friends) $ 502 donation. 
Rusty Sneeden has been there for me through all of this. 
I Love and Thank you all.
Please, if you have not sent in your donation, it is not to late!  Everything helps!
Team Dykeman is growing!  Yeah Baby!!!
Always Faithful (Semper Fidelis)
Cousin Andrew Bateman
Make sure you leave a comment when you visit www.teamdykeman.com . This has been a good thing, it has been a while since we got together for a good cause!


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