Andrew did it! by Kathryn Shoults

Hello to everyone

Andrew did it! 26.2 miles and smiling at the finish line ( and he didn’t even know there was a massage at the end) Amazing doesn’t even begin to come close to the man or the event-I know I look forward to whatever is next and the time spent together helping. The sacrifices, effort and time(money ,too) to create a lasting legacy for someone that I love, we all love, and miss so very much…well somehow it’s starting to come together for me and I see a glimpse of the “good that comes from everything”. Thank you Andrew. I love you. And Phil–I love you too.

Love Kathryn
(Captian Phil’s Sister)


One Response to Andrew did it! by Kathryn Shoults

  1. Andrew Bateman says:

    At the starting line, we all gathered to wish me luck. I had to get started because i was dehydrating out my eyes. My Mother Jane Bateman had nightmares in the week leading up to the Race. Wait til you hear that story! Brent and Samantha was a great sight at the finish line. New friends for life! Brent and his family live across the street from where Phil and Ginger use to live. The Frenette men are strong in many areas, just because we can cry at the drop of a hat, doesn’t mean anything!
    Be active in Team Dykeman, MAKE A COMMENT. You usually dont hold back anyway!
    Always Faithful,
    Cousin Andrew

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