Please spread the word.  Team Dykeman is open to all.  Come run with us!
Forward this email to anyone that is interested.
Registration Starts April 1, 2009.  It is a very popular marathon, it will fill up in less then 5 days.  Registration starts at 12 noon EST, cost is $88.
The Race is October 25, 2009 in Washington DC.  We will have Family oriented events all weekend long.   Including a trip to Arlington Cemetery for the “Changing of the Guard”.  Please call me at anytime (919)795-3971.  Reply to all on this Marathon email, explain who you are also.  We will become very close over this year.  We will go through all the ups and downs of training for a marathon together. 
This is a Team event, whether you decide to run or not, we are here for each other. 
We are not Marines, But we Run for One!
Andrew Bateman


  1. The Response has been overwhelming. We have 13 Registered Runners for the October 25, 2009 Marine Corp Marathon! Team Dykeman will be well represented.
    Thank you for all of the support from all of the Families and Friends of Team Dykeman. It is why we are named a TEAM.
    We run for a Fallen Marine!
    Always Faithful
    Andrew Bateman

  2. Chris and Monica Seger says:

    We just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to run with Team Dykeman. We can see the passion and the love that has been put into this gathering and feel honored to have been made a part of it. We are mere friends of friends of friends, and yet we were made to feel like family. It was an honor to run for Team Dykeman. Thank you.

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