Team Dykeman represented at the 35th Marine Corp Marathon

Special Thanks to Kevin Handly!  He ran the 35th Annual Marine Corp Marathon Sunday!  He is also Captain Philip Dykeman’s cousin.  He is awesome for running this race for us.  He made me very proud.  Kevin also posted a Boston Marathon qualifying time.  Congratulations! 

Saturday Steve Nolan completed a Half Iron Man Triathlon!    Congratulation Steve!  That is amazing. 

This Friday November 5, 2010, we are having a Happy Hour at the offices of Archer Investments from 3-7pm.  Matt Archer and Tess Martin are hosting a Fundraiser/ gathering for Team Dykeman.  The Address is

4900 Falls of Neuse Road

Suite 105

Raleigh NC  27609

Please call me at (919)795-3971  with  any questions or concerns.  All are welcome, I ask that you please help spread the word.  Link your Facebook pages to  it is very easy, go to Team Dykeman web page scroll to the Facebook button, and just click! 

This Sunday November 7, 2010 is the City of Oaks Marathon.  We have 12 runners.  That is a great showing.  Our T-Shirts will be arriving this Friday.(Hopefully)  After the Marathon we are have a CELEBRATION at our House or at the Harrington Grove pool House.  Starting at 1:30 pm.  Please come!  We will have DJ Gino for music and entertainment.  Please bring the kids!  The more the merrier.  This is very informal, please bring a side to pass.   

If you would like to make a contribution, or know somebody who would please bring the donation to one of the events, or go to Team Dykeman, (look under Scholarship tab) for information on where to send it.

Remember that we are doing this to remember a Fallen Marine and his Family.  We gather to give Thanks for our Freedoms. 

I am not a Marine, But I run for one!

Always Faithful,

Andrew Bateman


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