Rusty Sneeden says it best!

Andrew ,

         We wish you luck this weekend , our heart and soul will be with you all the way !!  Congrats Kevin Handly and Steve Nolan as well . 

Andrew , Captain Phil would be so proud of you !!  I just want to raise my hand to you guys with a toast and say Thank You !!  It is the small things in life that we do that leaves our legacy behind and it is things like this that bring the good out in People and also makes People be better and want to be better ! As you are running hard and feeling like you are not going to finish and you ask yourself why am I doing this , I want you to think about the other thoughts that you are putting in other peoples minds about the good that we all have in us . Even though some of us do not run you are filling our hearts with warmth , envy and respect !!!   Keep up the good will and keep that smile on your face . 

We support you 110%  .

Know this Guys , what you do is not taken lightly and the Example you set is above and beyond what words can say !

Sincerely ,

Rusty Sneeden


One Response to Rusty Sneeden says it best!

  1. Bob Moore says:

    Well, It was a long but fruitful day yesterday running the City of Oaks Marathon. I meet Andrew about 2 years ago when our two daughters became friends and school mates. Although I have always been a runner I have never completed or even thought of running a Marathon until I meet Andrew and he talked to me about Team Dykeman, now a have a purpose and cause to keep running. Andrew and I have been training together fo about 9 months now, this also included two half marathon’s this past Spring. I’m proud to say that I’m a member of Team Dykeman!! I’m also proud to be a friend of Andrew Dykeman!! Andrew Thanks for making me realize and experience TEAM DYKEMAN!!!

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