Marathon Season is here…2 planned for the Fall!

Hello Everybody,

Wanted to check in to see how everyone was doing. I am going to Fulton NY to run the Century Marathon October 10th,THEN running the City of Oaks Marathon November 7th. What am I thinking!?! I am as ready as I will ever be. What races are you running? What is going on in your life?

Rick Roebuck competed in a Triathlon last weekend in Atlanta! How did you do? How big was the race?

This year I have been lucky enough to train with Steve Nolan and Bob “Bibby” Moore. They have kept me going. I just hang back let them set the pace and listen to them talk. Then the run is over. Thanks guys!

I want to Thank everyone for their support. Especially my wife Julie, without her I would not have started Team Dykeman.

Please respond and let us know what you are up to.

Remember I am not a Marine, I run for one!

Always Faithful,

Cousin Andrew Bateman


One Response to Marathon Season is here…2 planned for the Fall!

  1. HEllo All,
    I want you to know why i am running these two Marathon in 30 days. It is to raise money for the Captain Philip Dykeman Memorial Scholarship. I am asking for 50 cents a mile. That’s $26 dollars. The whole effort is sending the check. I will do my part to remember this Fallen Marine, and his family that will live with his sacrifice for the rest of their lives. Please Remember!
    Always Faithful
    Andrew Bateman

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