Andrew Finishes his 4th Marathon

My 4th marathon is in the books.  It was the toughest yet.  Thank you to all of the runners and supporters.  Without you, I couldn’t have done it.  Steve Nolan ran Ebenezer Church Road with me, Paul Groff ran all of Umstead Park.  At the end of the race Rusty Sneeden and his family were there to support me.

All of the runners…for Team Dykeman did awesome.  We were very noticeable.  It seemed like everyone cheered us on. Around mile 23 or 24 at a water station this man is asking me if I knew Phil.  It turns out he was Phil’s commanding officer from Camp LeJune.  He is a Colonel, and he ran the Marine Corp Marathon last week.  He walked with me for about 100 feet, talking about how great he thought Phil was.  As I took off running again, he yelled “Phil is looking down at you today”.  It was a great moment.  Ginger or Meaghan, can you get me the name of the Colonel?  He didn’t know about Team Dykeman.  Because of the shirts , he does now. 

Special Thanks to Matt Archer and Adam and Tess Martin.  Matt and Tess hosted a Happy hour on Friday.  Huge success and a lot of fun.  Then Sunday after the race Adam and Tess came to the after party.   Great people.

Thank you to David and Barbara and Chris Bateman for their support  this weekend.

DJ Gino spun tunes at the after party.  We asked him to turn it down, and he would turn it up louder.  He made it a lot of fun.

Good Luck to Mike and Holly Redwine, they are moving to Italy.  Now we all have a place to stay.

Thank you to all of you that support Team Dykeman.  I am committed to running the Marine Corp Marathon October 30 2011.  This will be our biggest marathon yet.

I am not a Marine, but I run for one!

Always Faithful,

Andrew Bateman


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