Myrtle Beach half-Marathon…. tomorrow!

The Myrtle Beach 1/2 Marathon is tomorrow February 14th 2009. If your in the area please come and support our run. We need all of the support we can get; 13.1 miles is a long way. We run for Team Dykeman proudly. Tomorrow we have 9 runners participating.

I want to THANK everyone for their support for the Scholarship. We have had a good start, but we are not finished. To date we have raised $ 5,800 and our efforts, with all of your help, continue. In the Fall, we will be awarding our first scholarship in Captain Phil’s name.

We are excited to carry the name of Captain Philip Dykeman USMC who was killed in action (Iraq) on June 26, 2008. Only 8 months ago. He is survived by his wife and three children. ( age 10 and twins age 6) — MY children are the same age.

A special Thank You to Rusty Sneeden. He has taken it upon himself to be active in supporting Team Dykeman. Not only is he running in the Race Saturday morning, but he is spreading the word about the scholarship. Rusty, you truly are a good friend and a Great Person.

We are not Marines, but we run for one!
Always Faithful
Andrew Bateman


6 Responses to Myrtle Beach half-Marathon…. tomorrow!

  1. teamdykeman says:

    Good luck to all the runners tomorrow. Andrew and Julie are veterans of distance running having completed full marathons in the past. But there are two men running distance for the first time — Paul Handly and Rusty Sneeden.

    Paul is a first cousin to Captain Phil (and me) and when asked by Andrew didn’t hesitate to throw his hat into the ring. Paul called me and to try and get me to join in…. I whimped out… Paul trained over the past couple of months and will be running his first distance race. I am very proud of you Paul.

    Rusty Sneeden has been a good friend to my brother Andrew and to our whole family. He has been there for us in good times and some bad times. Rusty only met Captain Phil a couple of times — I believe they played golf together — but Rusty never hesitated he didn’t wait to be asked; when he learned of the marathon in Myrtle Beach he said, “count me in”. This past week, Rusty sent e-mails to literately hundreds of friends and co-workers at Corning (in Wilmington, NC) asking for support and donations on behalf of Team Dykeman. Rusty is a good man and I want to say Thank you to him and all of his friends and co-workers for their help and support as we raise money and awareness for Team Dykeman.

    To all the others running this weekend… I wish you best of luck and stiff breezes only at your back!

    Go Team Dykeman!

  2. Kim and Dewayne says:

    Dewayne and I started the weekend by finishing the 5K run on Friday evening. We are especially proud to be members of Team Dykeman. To run for such a cause puts a fire in your heart that keeps burning until you cross the Finish Line. Thanks to all of you who are supporting Team Dykeman. And a special thanks to Miss Jane for the after party.
    Kim and Dewayne

  3. Team Dykeman strikes again…adding mileage to the legacy of Cousin (Captain) Phil. Just in race miles, Team Dykeman has run almost 100 miles…JUST in race miles…adding training miles to that would make the distance unreal! We will strike yet again on March 28th for the Raleigh Rocks 1/2 Marathon in Raleigh, NC…2 runners confirmed so far (Andrew and I :o) with several others pending ,,, all welcome to join! Help us spread the word and build the team…come join us!

  4. Well , we did it ! This is the second race but not the last . This was my first one and I really want to say how good it feels to be part of such a great thing . The support for us running and the support that teamdykeman is getting is unreal . We all go through rough patches in our lives but somehow family and friends always pull together and I have truly witnessed the effect that it can have on me personally and others .
    I want to personally thank the Batemans for being so supportive ! I want to Thank Peter for keeping up with this website like he does .
    I want to thank the following people for supporting me and pushing me to run this race and finish , seeing you guys there with your signs and knowing that you were proud to see us cross that finish line goes beyond what words can describe .

    Thank you Angel , Dewayne, Kim, Ireland and Sutton , John Voss , Morgan and Alyssa , Aunt Jane and Aunt Ann . Thanks for the support and also thanks to Paul Handley for keeping us laughing .

    My legs may be shorter than some but next race we will keep up with Paul and Andrew .

    A special thanks goes to Julie Bateman , my running partner , we stuck together the whole race and it made a difference to get through . I appreciate you being there and I will run with you anytime any place !!

    I want to say a special congrats to Dewayne and Kim for kick starting us off right with the 5k . Talk about getting pumped up , seeing you guys do the first thing was awesome ! I am very proud of you guys ! Now we have to train even harder !!

    Andrew , just thanks for being the driving force for all of this , you are a good man and a special friend !

    Thanks to everyone that has donated and to everyone that has just said encouraging words , we need it !!

    Sincerely ,

    Rusty Sneeden

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