Information from Andrew — Golf and Marathan planning!

Happy New Year!

I had the best end of the year, and a great holiday!

Now it’s time to look forward in this new year. I have a lifelong mission to support Ginger and the Kids. Last year we choose to run the Marine Corp Marathon. Wasn’t that great; I can’t help but smile looking back. We did it, we really did it! Please share any stories. Keep in contact. We raised over $3,000. That’s awesome.

In June we are issuing another scholarship in honor of Captain Dykeman. This year the date for the 2nd Annual Captain Philip Dykeman Memorial Golf Tournament is July 10th, 2010. The golf course is in Central Square, NY at Green View Golf Course. Golf, whether you are good or bad, isn’t as difficult as Running 26 miles. So, keep it in mind if you are not going to run this year!(hahaha)
This year the Marine Corp Marathon is October 31st. Halloween! I bet that will be fun. There is also a very small marathon in Fulton NY. It is very near the Dykeman family. It is up to the Team where we run this year. Also, if Ginger asks me to run the MCM, I will run it, no questions asked.

Please let me know what you are up to, how are your Families? We are doing great, very busy with the kids. They are both doing indoor soccer, and Morgan is doing Girls on the Run with her school, and will be running a 5k in April. Very proud of her! Julie is still very busy with Real Estate. I have put on a little weight, but have been running the last few weeks. Going to be ready for the warm weather!
Please feel free to call me at anytime at (919)795-3971!

Always Faithful,

Andrew Bateman


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