I want to say Thank You!   All of you made this very successful.  Hopefully we have raised a lot of money for the Captain Philip J. Dykeman Memorial Scholarship.  If we did not, i still wouldn’t have changed a thing from this weekend.  Each of you made it very special to me.  That was an amazing run.  I will never forget it, that’s for sure.  Each of us ran for different reasons, but i certainly felt united at the dinner.   It is great being on a Team.  Whether you ran or not we are still in this together.  Thank you for all of the effort in traveling and help through out the weekend. 
I made many new life long friends this weekend, but my hat goes off to Rick, Nora, and Jacob Roebuck.  He was scheduled to go to Texas to do the Longhorn IRONMAN Triathalon the same date as the MCM.  They changed their plans.  They didn’t know anybody.  But Rick and Phil served together in the Marines.  He came to run with us.  I am honored that he did!  Rick posted the best time of 3:32:59.  That is awesome.  It was a pleasure meeting Nora.  Jacob even missed his tackle football game to be with us.  
Jason Finch and Captain Aaron Brusch were close behind. 
Everybody finished.  I felt responsible for everyone that ran with us.  Whether you run again next year or not you will always be a Marathoner.  So get the sticker for your car “26.2”  so when somebody asks what passage in the bible is that from….. you can laugh and tell them your story about your marathon. 
Meghan, Congratulations, you did it.  Please forward this email to the rest of your table that joined us for dinner.  I do need their email address’s so i can thank them myself.  I did see that Chris Seegar posted a message on TeamDykeman.com  that is great.
Wanda, You spoke to many of the team and i did get all of your messages, i am truly sorry that we did not get to meet.  We will someday. 
To Mary and Peter Bateman, without your help none of this would have happened, and Team Dykeman would have only been a wish.  But it is real and tangible because of you both.  Thank you, I love You.
Thank you to Mary’s Parent’s for help greeting everyone at the door.
Thanks Dan and Jane McGrath.
To Paul and Jacqui Handly for stepping up and organizing the spectators during the race, and having an open house for an after Party.  Which was great. 
There are so many individual thank yous.  I Individually thank you all for your
dedication and hard work. 
Kevin Handly has announced the date for the sign up for next year.  April 7 2009.  Some are still feeling that they will never run again, some are ready to sign on the dotted line.  I promise that i will run this race next year! 
A special thank you to my wife Julie!  She sacrificed a lot for me to train.   Pushed me out the door when i didn’t want to run, and listened to me complain the whole way.  Without her i couldn’t have done it.  Seeing her on the course was awesome.  Julie hates to miss events like this, i believe she is going to run next year!   I hope so.
Love to All
Always Faithful,
Andrew Bateman
ps To Kevin Voss, Rusty Sneeden, Dewayne Malpasse, and Brent Crane Congratulations,  did you guys get the license plate number of the bus that hit Brent.  I would hate to see what the bus looked like.  Bent was at least still running!  Whoo Raa
Please respond!


One Response to WE DID IT!

  1. Angel Mercer says:

    My hat goes off to all of you guys who ran this marathon. WOW! What a huge accomplishment. I was tired just trying to spot the Team Dykeman runners! You guys are awesome!
    Ginger, Ashlee, Emilee and Austin, it was so nice to meet you. Ashlee was my bus buddy on the way up and back from Arlington Cemetery and to hear her talk about her Dad brought a tear to my eye.
    Andrew, thank you for coordinating everything and being so passionate for this cause. Julie, thank you for staying at the finish line waiting for all of Team Dykeman to cross. Kim, thank you for being my walking, hiking buddy trying to “catch up” with the runners. Jason and DeWayne, thank you for supporting Rusty and pushing him to run on the days he didn’t feel like it – from you it was support, from me it was nagging! ☺ Jane and Ray Finch, thank you for welcoming us into your home and for getting us the best parking spot in DC on race day! And last but not least, Rusty, I am SO proud of you for doing this!! As soon as you got to the starting line, it was on! You were so determined and fired up to finish and YOU DID IT!! Thank you for texting me throughout the race to let me know how you were doing. Seeing you cross that finish line with DeWayne was one of the happiest moments in my life. I love you!

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